Visionary Art: What it means to me, who has inspired me, and why I do it.

Visionary artists inspire us all to look beyond the veil of cultural and linguistic limitations. Human consciousness is evolving; the artificial boundaries between art and science are rapidly being erased. Using the imagination, and tapping into mystical, magical themes, the Visionary Artist transcends this physical world, opening a doorway into other realms we all recognize.

Through the ages, art has been used as a way to communicate and invoke emotion, no words are needed.
Over the years, academics have wanted to put labels on this kind of ‘art’, such as Symbolism, Expressionism, Surrealism, but I believe it all comes from the same source and is inherent in all of us… the information received, is captured and stored in the imagination, and released by either the artist/scientist/mystic in various forms.  
It is well documented many of the greatest inventions and discoveries were made after receiving a ‘vision‘ or ‘mystical experience’.  
Madelbrot has shown us how to perceive the world in a totally new way, by introducing the concept of Fractal Geometry. Dan Winter also explains this ground breaking science…
amongst others!
Dan Winter is regarded as one of the most dynamic thinkers of our time. Using Sacred Geometry to teach and inspire others he is showing how to take a fresh look at our belief systems, the environment, health and the development of consciousness. Visionary Art illustrates our understanding of consciousness, emotion, Spirituality and our own Health.
I have been greatly influenced by Salvador Dali,  and Roger Dean in the late 60’s and 70’s.

I joined the Society for Art of the Imagination, and was privileged enough to be chosen to exhibit with this Society at H.R. Giger’s Museum, in Gruyere, Switzerland. I exhibited with them at the Mall Gallery, London, where I secured a large commission to paint ‘Go through the Gate’ (click on the image above to see a larger version).  This painting was 8ft x 5ft in oil and took 7 months to complete.
Founder of the Society is Brigid Marlin, and Honorary Patrons include:

H.R. Giger,   
Alex Grey,
Andrew Gonzalez,
Martina Hoffmann 
Lukas Kandl   
Laurie Lipton 
Sheila Marlin 
Michael Parkes 
Otto Rapp  
Michel de Saint Ouen 

H.R. Giger and my painting Guinevere in his museum, Gruyere, Switzerland 2007

H.R. Giger with my painting in Gruyere, Switzerland

Brigid Marlin and Ernst Fuchs


Exhibitors at the Exhibition in Montreal

Expo ArtOfImagination Montreal oct 2015