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Pollittbureau Art Print provides Giclée Fine Art printing on archival papers or canvas, mounted prints and framed prints to printing merchandise items for artists.

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Health Creation are dedicated to making health and not illness the norm. Dr Rosy Daniel helps people from passive health care to proactive health creation by mobilising them into a positive, responsible and fully-engaged relationship with their own health and wellbeing . Truly inspirational

Lis Horwich is a trained Reflexologist, and using  using different holistic treatments for health improvement, she has treated hundreds of clients in various holistic ways for issues such as infertility, low self–worth, anger, asthma, pain and depression to name a few.  Lis empowers in order to live a better life without limitations.

We all die. But there are good deaths, and not such good deaths. Most of us hope to die, pain free, at home, with our loved ones around us given the choice.  Soul midwives ensure that death is a dignified and peaceful experience.  If you are looking for help and support for a dying loved one, contact a Soul Midwife.  Click on the image to find out more.  

We look everywhere for solutions, anywhere but where they really are, inside us!
Life Solutions editor, Amanda Sharman works with some of the most amazing practitioners and teachers in the field of health and well-being, 
adding articles from leaders in the natural health arena.

Life Solutions is a growing library of natural health and wellbeing solutions.

“DNA music exists within every living organism universally and now Stuart Mitchell and John Stuart Reid have the technology to unlock a symphony from within everyone for a better and more aesthetic understanding of life, ourselves and each other”.

Scottish composer Stuart Mitchell has been translating DNA sequences for several years and now produces the DNA translations into a huge variety of music styles ranging from Ethnic, Contemporary and instrumental music styles to fully scored orchestral classical works.

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The most unique gift in the World – Your DNA made into a full orchestral piece of beautiful music .
Rosslyn Chapel holds a musical mystery in its architecture and design. After 27 years of study and research by Stuart Mitchell’s father Thomas.J.Mitchell, revealed its melodic and harmonic secrets.  ‘Frozen Music’, the symbolism began to ‘thaw out’ and Tommy Mitchell  unraveled the music hidden within.

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Music made visible by John Stuart Reid

To see the periodic motions that lie at the heart of matter is to lift the veils that conceal many mysteries of the universe. The CymaScope represents the first scientific instrument that can give us a visual image of sound and vibration – a cymatic image – helping us to understand our world and universe in ways previously hidden from view.

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This Mandala is Emma’s DNA Song made visible using the Cymascope

Yes to Life is the UK’s integrative cancer care charity    yestolife.org.uk

A charity which provides support, information and financial assistance to those with cancer seeking to pursue approaches that are currently unavailable on the NHS

Artists Info

Artists Info - Global Artist Guide

showcasing the work of hundreds of artists around the world to art lovers, galleries, publishers and interior designers

Prince Publications

Prince Publications

Local advertising for businesses in the New Forest. Home of the Barton Bugle, New Milton Mail, The Mercury and Highcliffe Herald