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I am an Artist, based in the beautiful New Forest, nestled in the South of England,  I live very close to the coast, but also a stone’s throw away from the forest where ponies roam free.

I started painting at a very young age, but soon enjoyed taking commissions for Pet Portraits, then Wild Animals, and eventually branched out into the world of Fantasy.

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Latest works

My latest Mystical, more esoteric artworks are a reflection of a Spiritual Awakening I had whilst on my journey through Cancer. My eyes were opened to the more esoteric and sacred meaning of art and how it has been used since time immemorial to illustrate this phenomenon.

I realised art awakens the soul and illuminates the spiritual path of each person by providing access to the highest mystic truths. It provides a bridge between the material, creativity and spirituality.

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Penny’s artwork can be bought as prints or as hoodies, table mats, mugs, coasters, cross stitch patterns, clocks and a variety of other products.

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    Upcoming Exhibitions

      Currently exhibiting at the Visionary Alchemy Exhibition,  at One Art Space/Tribeca New York Saturday, April 29 ~ Saturday, May 13, 2017      

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    Go through the Gate – Paperback available

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  • Lovely comment from a client

    The Fool Just a quick update: it has arrived, it is marvelous and it will be loved for generations to come!! It was such a spectacular piece that I rearranged my entire room for hours to accommodate it! Hahaha. Thank you again for sharing your craft with the world, I’m honored to have a piece […]

  • My entry into The Largest World Exhibition of Contemporary Surrealism in Europe – 2017

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